Here's my convention lineup for the summer and fall months -- hope to see you at a show!
I'll be taking commissions at all shows (I'm always open for commissions), so if you are interested in commissioning some original artwork, send me an email with the details: minieraj@gmail.com.

July 13-15 (Fri-Sun)
Fort Wayne, IN
Time to get my anime on! Brandon and I will be manning the booth and we're looking forward to introducing Black Rose to an all new audience!  If you are looking for a commission at this show -- it's worth noting that I am very partial to the Cowboy Bebop cast, but anything else is fair game too! 
Catch the rest of the convention details here.

August 26 (Sunday)
Indianapolis, IN
Black Rose is returning to Indy for Ash Con! Chris and I will be there and it's gonna be gnarly. If you bought some BR loot at the previous show, now's your chance to bring it back for a full set of autographs! 
Catch the rest of the convention details here.

September 22 -23 (Sat-Sun)
Cincinnati, OH
Well, the training wheels are coming off and this will be Black Rose's biggest convention to date. Gonna get intense! 
The entire BR team will all be there -- sure to be a fun show! 
Catch the rest of the convention details here. 

Here are some examples of what to expect as far as commissions go...


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