NowForce Video Illustrations for Epipheo

Okay. I'll admit, I'm really terrible at keeping my blog updated regularly. I aim to fix that (yeah right, we'll see). In an attempt to get things current around here again, I thought I'd share the goods on a recent project I collaborated on with the fine folks of  Epipheo!
It all started at the Cincinnati Comic Expo last summer. I was showcasing with the rest of the Black Rose crew, and the Cincinnati branch of Epipheo had a booth set up there as well. This was probably the first time I'd seen an ad agency set up shop at a comic book convention, so they definitely caught my eye. Later on during the show, Daniel Armstrong (Director of Design at Ephipheo) swung by our table and dropped off some business cards. I soon followed up to find that they were trying to put together a video with the feel of a motion comic. And just like that, it all made sense! 

Fast forward a few months and here we are. I was tasked with creating illustrations and assets for a NowForce video campaign. In short, NowForce is an emergency response application for smartphones that informs off-duty emergency respondents of emergencies nearby, allowing  faster response in times of need. Not that I need to explain -- that's what the video is for! 

A big thanks to Erika Johns for steering the ship masterfully on this project, and to Luke Lehenbauer for showing me the ropes on how to draw stuff so that he can animate it properly! That was something of a learning curve! I do hope we'll all cross paths on a new project soon.

Definitely check out more from Epipheo -- they house some major talent. AND -- they work standing up all day at their station! I'm told it aids in circulation and digestion, and I'm inclined to believe. Perhaps I'll master it some day. Until then, they are in a league of their own.



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